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Darjeeling Tea Tasting Experience

Xếp hạng 3,50/5 theo 4 đánh giá.Darjeeling, Ấn Độ

Tạm dừng đến hết 31 tháng 7.

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Trải nghiệm do Bala tổ chức

2 giờ
Bao gồm đồ ăn, đồ uống, thiết bị
Tối đa 10 người
Ngôn ngữ: Tiếng Anh

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We will be taking you through a one of kind experience in the world of Darjeeling Teas.
This experience will include a tea tasting & sensory experience of over 10 exotic Darjeeling Teas.

Location - The Iconic Golden Tips Tea Boutique at Chowrasta (Mall Road), Darjeeling.
Timings - Everyday 5-7 PM in the Evening.
Enjoy the Sunset while you taste, sip & learn about the world of Darjeeling Teas.

Trải nghiệm đã bao gồm

  • Food
    Cookies & Biscuits to Pair with your Darjeeling Tea
  • Đồ uống
    Teas - Each visitor will get to taste over 10 varieties of Exotic Darjeelin...
  • Thiết bị
    Tea Gift - Each visitor will get a special Darjeeling Tea Gift to take home...
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Gặp gỡ người tổ chức của bạn – Bala

Tổ chức trải nghiệm trên Airbnb kể từ 2014
  • 4 đánh giá
  • Đã xác minh danh tính
I am the Founder @Vahdam Teas - A premium tea brand from India available in over 85+ countries. I come with a lineage of over 80 years in the tea industry & my great grandfather opened the first tea store in Darjeeling in 1931. My father runs a chain of tea boutiques in Darjeeling & his team would love to host you for the a one of it's kind experience into the world of tea fine Darjeeling Teas
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Nơi bạn sẽ đến

Location - Golden Tips Tea Boutique. Situated on the Iconic Chowrasta Mall Road, the boutique is Darjeeling's must visit & most popular tea tasting room. The boutique offers over 300+ varieties of Darjeeling teas in various packaging formats. .

Xếp hạng 3,50/5 theo 4 đánh giá.

tháng 9 năm 2019
This is undoubtedly the worst AIRBNB experience we have had. To put it simply, the hosts at this experience are racist bigots. The experience is only meant for Caucasian tourists, and absolutely everyone else is treated as if the hosts want to kick you out. We arrived at the place hoping we might find something unique with the experience, and the caucasian guests with us were already being briefed quite a bit in detail about teas by one of the hosts. But even though we had paid the same price for the experinece, we had noone to guide us, or host us, and when we enquired, we were simply told to pick a tea for tasting ourselves, and go about it. When we made a hue & cry about us paying the same for the experience, then only did one of the girls at the counter turn up, with some of the teas. When we tried to ask her about the teas, she had no knowledge whatsoever about them, and we simply ended up just tasting the few teas we had been given, and walking out of the place in disgust, feeling offended. The hosts do not have people who have enough knowledge of teas to actually talk about it. The manager at the place is indifferent and doesn't care for the people attending the experience itself(again I am not sure if that would be the case if you are a Caucasian tourist), and the whole time he only came when we had to make a hue with the people at the counter that we were being treated like unwanted guests. Even after serving the tea, there was nothing that was shared with us regarding teas. The experience was so bad that it spoiled our whole day. Overall, we felt that the experience was definitely not worth the price it is being charged. We won't go for it even if it was free of cost. That's how bad the place and the hosts are. Moreover, me and my wife Sneha have traveled a lot, even in India, and have always preferred Airbnb to stay and for our local experiences. But never have I ever seen such a blatant display of racism and people who make you so much uncomfortable. I was disgusted to think that these people even dare to put such a horrible experience on Airbnb.
This is undoubtedly the worst AIRBNB experience we have had. To put it simply, the hosts at this experience are racist bigots. The experience is only meant for Caucasian tourists,…
tháng 10 năm 2019
Nice tea testing experience. Much appreciated complimentary tea box
tháng 6 năm 2019
Ultimate experience
tháng 6 năm 2019
A very different tea-tasting experience. They explained and got us to taste about 10-15 different types of teas :)

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This is a tea tasting experience for people who are curious about why Darjeeling Tea is known as the Champagne of Teas. You can be a non-tea drinker, beginner of tea connoissuer & will still love this