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    Thông tin cập nhật về COVID-19
    Để tìm các tùy chọn hủy và hoàn tiền, hãy chọn đặt phòng/đặt chỗ từ trang Chuyến đi. Chính sách trường hợp bất khả kháng của chúng tôi chỉ áp dụng cho một số đặt phòng/đặt chỗ nhất định. Nếu ngày nhận phòng/bắt đầu trải nghiệm của bạn diễn ra sau ngày 15 tháng 8, vui lòng trở lại đây vào ngày 15 tháng 7 năm 2020 để tìm hiểu thông tin cập nhật.

    Airbnb có những quy định gì về việc tổ chức tiệc và sự kiện tại nhà/phòng cho thuê?

    Our Community Standards prohibit members of the Airbnb Community from creating a nuisance that disturbs the surrounding neighborhood. Hosts and guests can live up to this standard by making sure they clearly align on expectations for events at listings. While we believe most guests are respectful, we’ve created our Parties and Events policy to provide clear guidance on what we expect from everyone. The policy prohibits:

    • Any party or event that is not authorized by the host
    • All open-invite parties and events (ex: parties without a fixed guest list)
    • Parties in apartment buildings or other multi-family housing

    Guests who violate this policy are subject to suspension or removal from Airbnb’s platform. We may also remove listings if we determine a host has authorized a party that violates this policy. In addition, If we receive reports that a listing is disrupting the surrounding community, we may request the host update their rules or suspend the listing.

    We’re working to proactively stop unauthorized parties before they even start by strengthening our risk-detection technologies.

    Unauthorized parties

    Any party that violates House Rules and/or happens without the knowledge or consent of the host is prohibited. Guests who throw unauthorized parties are subject to suspension or removal.

    Open-invite parties or events

    Open-invite parties and events are prohibited in Airbnb listings. This includes any party or event where the listing host has limited knowledge of the attendees, or that does not have a specific guest list, such as gatherings advertised on social media. Guests who hold such events will have their account removed, and hosts who violate this rule and allow guests to throw open-invite parties will be subject to account consequences.

    Reporting a disruption

    When a property that’s listed on Airbnb is causing a disturbance—whether that’s excessive noise, a disruptive party, or unsafe behavior—members of the local community can report it using our Neighborhood Support tool, which provides a link to local emergency services. They’ll also have access to the Neighborhood Support team phone number, where they can report a party that’s still in progress. Once an issue is reported, Airbnb will send a confirmation email explaining what happens next.

    Rules that apply to different property types

    Parties in multi-family complexes

    Listings that are in complexes such as apartment buildings and condos are prohibited from hosting large parties or events, such as weddings, baby showers, team bonding activities, or something similar, even with the host’s permission. We trust hosts in multi-family complexes to set rules for small get-togethers that are appropriate for their communities and consistent with local health authority restrictions on gatherings.

    Parties at single-family homes

    We trust hosts of single-family homes to set rules for parties that are appropriate for their communities and consistent with local health authority restrictions on gatherings. Hosts can specify that they allow closed-invite parties and events in their listing's House Rules.

    Parties in traditional hospitality settings

    Traditional hospitality listings on Airbnb (ex: boutique hotels and professional event venues) may set their own rules for parties, allowing appropriate events at their own discretion. However, in cases where we receive complaints about these listings and events or where the type of events are inappropriate, we will follow up with the venues as necessary.

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