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Những vấn đề thuộc và không thuộc phạm vi bảo vệ của AirCover

What is protected by AirCover

AirCover is a comprehensive protection program included for free with every booking. It includes our Rebooking and Refund Policy, a dedicated 24-hour Safety Line, and other kinds of essential support.

AirCover protects you from high severity travel issues that could come up during your stay, including:

  • If your Host cancels your reservation within 30 days of your check-in date
  • If you can’t get into your listing, and your Host can’t help you get in
  • If the Host, another person, or a pet is in the space during your stay, and it wasn’t mentioned in the listing description
  • If the listing is uninhabitable at check-in because of cleanliness, safety, or health reasons
  • If the listing description wasn’t accurate about significant things. For example, if the home is missing major advertised amenities (like a refrigerator), it’s a different type of home, or it has the wrong number of bedrooms

If an issue does come up during your stay, you’ll first need to reach out to your Host to see if they can easily resolve it. If they can’t, just contact us within 72 hours of discovering the problem. If we find the issue is protected by AirCover, we’ll get you a full or partial refund, or, depending on the circumstances, find you a similar or better place to stay.

Please note that there are a few types of bookings with protections that are more tailored to their unique nature: Airbnb Luxe follows the Luxe Rebooking and Refund Policy and Airbnb Experiences are protected by our Experiences Guest Refund Policy.

What may be covered by travel insurance

AirCover is not travel insurance. You can always purchase travel insurance from a third party carrier for additional coverage during your trip.

While your individual needs may vary, there’s a wide array of benefits you may consider when researching the best plan for you. Every policy is different, so review the terms, coverage, conditions, and exclusions carefully, and don’t hesitate to contact the provider with questions.

Plans may include:

  • Trip cancellation: When certain covered reasons prevent you from taking your trip, such as weather or worker strikes, sickness, injury, death, or work-related interruptions
  • Trip interruption: Reimbursement if you need to end your trip early
  • Medical expenses: Reimbursement for medical expenses due to an illness or accident that occurs during your trip
  • Emergency assistance services: Assistance when you travel for critical needs, like emergency transportation, medical evacuations, doctor referrals, and lost or stolen visas and passports
  • Lost and damaged baggage protection: Coverage if your personal belongings are lost, stolen, or damaged during your trip
  • Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR): Reimbursement for the whole trip or a portion of trip expenses incurred if you cancel your trip for any reason

Find out more about travel insurance and whether you should buy it.

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