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Villa with Pool and Panorama - Campiglia Marittima

Toàn bộ biệt thự. Chủ nhà Alexander
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Beautiful villa, inside and out, resting on a hillside above a medieval village on the Tuscan Coast with incredible views and a fabulous pool. Perfect for summer holidays or off-season stays with wine and food tours.

Chỗ ở
In a house that climbs the hillside it rests on, our house is situated to savour the views of the wide Maremma plain that stretches below the medieval town of Campiglia Marittima and finishes on the horizon at the Mediterranean Sea. An excellent family house and certainly one to which to invite friends, it has terraces off each bedroom, which offer private retreat, yet spacious rooms and outdoor areas in which to gather.

Though newly renovated, the house easily harmonizes with its surroundings, thanks to the careful use of local building materials and native vegetation that encircle the house in a varied palette of green. The owners have decided that their house should leave a light footprint on the land and with water and solar collectors and wind generated electricity have rendered it self-sufficient. There is also a vegetable patch from which guests can help themselves.

While modern technology accomplishes these invisible marvels, what remains visible and delightful are the many spots in which one can relax into a memorable holiday.


The 'front door' is actually a side one that brings you directly into a large country kitchen, the origins from which this large house grew. Here modern appliances blend well with terracotta counters, beamed ceilings, an open fireplace and a large table for 12 under a wide brick arch. To one side of the kitchen a few steps lead down to a large living area with comfortable sofas; off the other, a short stairway leads up to a floor with three bedrooms, a shower room and a bathroom with separate shower. Also on this floor is a study with a sofa-bed and access to a covered terrace whose well-positioned hammock offers both slumber and a sea view. Of the bedrooms, two share the wide front terrace and the third has a terrace that leads to the green lawn and zen rock garden behind the house.

The house has lovely artwork, an eclectic mix of antique and simple country furnishings and a generous use of terracotta and local travertine stone.

Around the Villa

When tired of gazing at the landscape from his terrace, a guest can join the others under the simple pergola at the front and keep an eye on whoever is barbecuing his dinner, be it friend, family or local cook come to share the secrets of Tuscan cooking. To work up an appetite for that dinner there are many things to set out to discover in this area - a picturesque town in walking distance, great restaurants, the details of which are noted in a house guide to the area, a lovely sandy beach and fascinating Etruscan ruins a short drive away and, of course, the island of Elba, an easy daytrip. Wineries, sailing, thermal baths and golf courses are all nearby and even Pisa's tower and the famed shops of Lucca are but an hour away. Pisa airport is 50 minutes away by car or train.Naturally, the reward of all that effort is having a restful house on a hillside to return to where, with a glass of local red, you can consider it all from a distance.

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Livorno, Tuscany, Italy

Chủ nhà Alexander

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