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Ca' Erizzo: dream apartment, spectacular terrace!

2 đánh giáChủ nhà siêu cấpVenice, Veneto, Italy
Toàn bộ căn hộ. Chủ nhà Mario
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Dear Guest, as you can see this property is really peculiar and demanding and I really would like to receive an availability request before confirming a booking, so please do not use the "Instant book" option, thank you very much.

Chỗ ở
The combination of the ancient interior with its original high beamed ceilings and original terrazzo floors with modern technology make this luxurious apartment, which sleeps ten, the perfect place for a magical holiday, a sumptuous celebration or a stylish conference.

Enter through the monumental hall past one of the tallest marble columns in Venice where the water laps up the stone steps from the ancient watergates and the grand staircase or the private lift to the apartment on the 4th floor.

The huge apartment covers the whole top floor of the Palazzo and has five double bedrooms, all with ensuite bathrooms, a stunning hall-dining room which seats 14, two adjoining sitting rooms which look out over the canal below and out to the lagoon, an home theatre room with flatscreen monitor, dvd-cd player and iPod docking, and a spectacular large terrace with breathtaking views across the rooftops to the domes of San Marco.

The rooms leads in sequence off the main dining hall so that the light floods into all the rooms which are furnished with a dramatic mix of 18th Century antiques and stylish Italian vintage. The decor is a stunning combination of the cool and contemporary and the ancient and glamorous. Antique mirrors, chandeliers and giant silvered candlesticks sit side by side with Alice in Wonderland turquoise resin lamps and glamorous velvet sofas.

Please note that at 1st floor it is placed this very beautiful property, which can extend Ca' Erizzo capacity to 13 beds:

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2 đánh giá

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Venice, Veneto, Italy

A beautiful church is just around the corner, San Martino church and a few steps ahead the beautiful façade of the Arsenale stands out in a square along a typical Venetian canal. Enjoy the sun with an Italian coffee sitting at the bar table in fornt of the Arsenale lions, or walk along the sparkling water facing San Giorgio island. Get lost in the calli (Venetian streets), discovering the beauty of a hidden square.

As for supplies, via Garibaldi has everything you would need. A supermarket, fishmonger, nice bars, bank, tobacconist, fruits and vegetables stalls.

Chủ nhà Mario

Đã tham gia vào tháng 2 năm 2014
  • 2.279 đánh giá
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  • Chủ nhà siêu cấp
Veneziano da generazioni e profondamente innamorato di Venezia, dopo aver intrapreso studi di economia aziendale ed architettura e dopo una carriera ventennale nel comparto industriale dei servizi per aziende ho voluto cogliere l'opportunità di far amare Venezia a persone di tutto il mondo determinate ed ansiose di conoscerla ed approfondirla nella sua cultura oltre che per la sua peculiarità morfologica. La mia è una piccola società di gestione e con una ristretta e selezionata cerchia di collaboratori fidatissimi ci impegniamo 365 giorni all'anno per offrire la miglior esperienza possibile ai nostri ospiti. Io, mia moglie Laura, Viola e Margherita, le nostre figlie, siamo noi stessi appassionati viaggiatori e preferiamo anche noi girare il mondo scegliendo sempre la soluzione dell'appartamento piuttosto che quella dell'albergo. Sono appassionato di buoni vini e di cucina, di musica e strumenti musicali e amo girare in barca per la laguna e per i canali di Venezia, un'esperienza unica che offre una prospettiva unica della città, che amo condividere con i miei amici. Venetian for generations and deeply in love with Venice, after having undertaken studies of business administration and architecture and after a twenty-year career in the industrial services sector for companies I wanted to take the opportunity to make Venice loved by people from all over the world determined and anxious to know it and deepen it in its culture over than just for its morphological peculiarity. Mine is a small management company and I and a small circle of trusted and selected employees, we work 365 days a year to offer the best possible experience to our guests. I, my wife Laura, Viola and Margherita, our daughters, ourselves are passionate travelers and we also prefer to travel the world choosing the solution of the apartment rather than the one of the hotel. I am passionate about good wines and cooking, music and musical instruments and I love sailing around the lagoon and the canals of Venice, a unique experience that offers a unique perspective of the city, which I love to share with my friends.
Veneziano da generazioni e profondamente innamorato di Venezia, dopo aver intrapreso studi di economia aziendale ed architettura e dopo una carriera ventennale nel comparto industr…
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