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We are a family run business with over 20 years of experience accommodating many tourists, students, and business people. The apartment is fully serviced and consists of private parking, a weekly cleaning service and a caretaker available on site. The apartment is located in the heart of Famagusta, with walking distance to numerous places of interest. Our main goal is to show the world our beloved city while providing excellent accommodation services to all who visit us. We hope to see you soon!

Chỗ ở
We provide a very unique accommodation style. Each of our homes have all the perks of a hotel such as free, secure and unlimited Wi-Fi, room cleaning services, daily staff assistance, 24hr building CCTV security, standby generator, and a private car park. Additionally, the space will feel like your own home with fully serviced and furnished amenities. The entire place is privately accommodated only for you and your guest(s) during your stay so you can get the best possible experience from this spacious and cozy minimalist style two bedroom home.

Living Room:
1) HD TV - With a wide range of cable channels from multiple countries
2) Modern and very comfy sofa set
3) Regularly serviced air conditioning unit - Provides both room heating and cooling
4) Compact coffee table

1) Fully stocked cooking utensils, pots, pans, etc. (If there is anything missing that you would like to use, please let us know and we can sort it)
2) Large spacious fridge with freezer
3) Kettle
4) Large pantries and draws for storage
5) Sink - (provides hot water)
6) Quad gas stove unit - Gas tank included
7) Plates and cutlery - Knives, forks, and spoon set
8) Dining table and chairs
9) Washing Machine
9) For hygiene, possible allergies and health & safety purposes, we can not provide oils, salt, pepper or any edible consumables.

1) Toiletry Basics - Sink and toilet
2) Toilet Brush
3) Bathroom mirror
4) Hand soap
5) Toilet paper
6) Hot water from both sink and shower
7) Spacious shower compartment
8) Shampoo and shower gel not included
9) A set of bathroom (shower) towel and personal face towel per guest

Both bedroom arrangements can be reconfigured to your specifications. If you require additional beds or desks/workspaces we can provide them with no additional fees, please do not hesitate to contact us and we can get these items ready for you before you arrive.
1) Single beds (x4 max)
2) Soft and allergy free pillow set for every bed
3) Soft, featherweight and allergy free, full bed sheet and duvet set for every bed
4) Wooly blankets x 4
5) Spacious double wardrobes with hangers
6) Workspace desks and chair per room (only if required by guest)
7) Personal shelf
8) Curtains
9) Large window designs for maximum light entry and air flow.

Large spacious balcony to view the main high street of Famagusta and enjoy the excellent and refreshing breeze. You can dry your clothes or just sit and watch the city and its people move along.
Please note the following are found and must stay on the balcony:
1) The cooking gas tank is securely located on the corner of the balcony
2) Water heater unit in the top corner of the balcony
3) Air-conditioning heat/cooling fan

Building Corridors and Elevator:
1) You will be situated in home #5 on the second floor. You can use two flights of stairs from the ground floor or use the elevator to get to your home
2) Elevator found on every floor and also leads to the private underground carpark
3) Fire extinguisher and carbon monoxide sensors are located throughout each corridor
4) Dual way CCTV security cameras located on each corridor
5) Other guests or yearly tenants will also share these corridors and elevator with you to enter or leave their own homes. Please treat these spaces with care and respect for others to use.

Caretaker Office:
Our doors are always open to those who require our assistance or would just like to socialise and get to know us. All our staff/family members are very friendly and can speak either or a combination of, English, Turkish and/or Greek.

Private Car Park:
The private car park is strictly used for tenants and staff only. It is on a first-come-first-serve basis, no one can own/reserve any spaces. If you can not find space, there is free street parking on the main high street in front of the apartment building.

Prime Location:
The apartment building is located in the heart of the city on the main high-street of Famagusta. So, all the best foods, activities, high street stores/brands, shops, supermarkets for supplies, gyms, University/library EMU (DAÜ), beaches/pools and many more are all at your doorstep with no more than a 5-30 minutes walk. This is the perfect place to stay in the city at the fraction of the cost of hotels and other serviced accommodations.

We adapt and find the best possible ways to accommodate all our tenants. We have a dedicated team to help you feel relaxed, comfortable and safe in "YOUR" new home and provide additional services to tailor your requirements and specifications. Additional beds and sizes are available upon request. Contact us via AirBnB with 24/7 availability to respond to all questions and bookings within 24 hours. Thank you for reading our listing description, see you soon and take care! :)

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Gazimağusa, Síp

- Restaurants
- Shopping Mall
- Coffee shops/Breakfast
- Bars/clubs
- Corner shops
- Gyms
- Thursday Bazaar - Fresh fruit and vegetables and many more!
- Playgrounds and Parks
- Supermarkets
- Fast food courts
- Beaches/Pools
- Tourist/historic attractions (Walled City & Ghost Town)
- University/Library (EMU/DAÜ)
- 30-40 minutes drive from Ercan and Larnaca International airports

Chủ nhà Mehmet

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As a family-run business, we are one of the most experienced accommodation providers within Northern Cyprus. We cater to various international students, families, business travelers and tourists from all around the world. We are always available on-site to look after you and your guests and do all we can to make you feel part of our family and provide excellent accommodation services.
As a family-run business, we are one of the most experienced accommodation providers within Northern Cyprus. We cater to various international students, families, business traveler…

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A member of staff will always be available on site between 08:30 - 17:30 from Monday - Saturday. Pre-booked guests that arrive on Sundays will have a member of staff to greet them, provide the room key and provide a brief tour of your home. We are always keen to socialize with our guests to make you feel welcome and part of our family or give our guests space with the peace and quiet they need. It is all up to you!
A member of staff will always be available on site between 08:30 - 17:30 from Monday - Saturday. Pre-booked guests that arrive on Sundays will have a member of staff to greet the…
  • Ngôn ngữ: English, Türkçe
  • Tỉ lệ phản hồi: 100%
  • Thời gian phản hồi: trong vòng một giờ
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