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Huge Villa in the close countryside of ESSAOUIRA

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Dar ForFloyd

Spacious Villa located in the countryside of Essaouira (15 km), on the road to Ida Ougourd (3 km), near Ghazoua (9 km) and Sidi Kaouki (22 km),
from there you will be ideally located for all the centers of interest of the region, enjoy the seaside (swimming, Kitesurfing), visit the Medina and fishmarket of Essaouira, Golf at 15 min.
20 min to reach Sidi Kaouki and 1h15 for Imsouane for those who want to take full advantage of the surf spots ...

Chỗ ở
Dar For Floyd

Is a spacious stone house (17 pax capacity) with traditional wooden ceilings (tuya), composed on the ground floor of a very large double living room with fireplace, whose bay windows overlook a 15m long swimming pool, and a magnificent garden on either side where the vegetation is lush.
2 large bedrooms, each accommodating up to 4 people, with en-suite bathrooms and toilets.
A fully equipped kitchen with ovens, gas stove and dishes.

1st floor
a very large Suite with 2 bedrooms, suitable for 6 people, with private bathroom and toilet,
and a solarium terrace which goes around the house with a superb view over the countryside of Essaouira.

An outbuilding just to the right at the entrance of the property, which has a water point and toilets, can also accommodate 3 people.

A ground floor bedroom and the suite are air conditioned.

Ida Ougourd village at 3km
All shops at 9km in the town of Ghazoua.

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Essaouira, Marrakesh-Safi, Ma-rốc

Ideal to escape the wind which sometimes blows in a sustained way in Essaouira, to discover the hinterland or simply to get closer to the daily life of the inhabitants of the region of Essaouira, Ghazoua and Ida Ougourd s' make it one of the best choices in the whole region.
It is also a great way to strike a balance between the city of Essaouira and its historical and cultural aspects, and the surrounding countryside.

Leaving Essaouira, take the direction of Agadir and at the exit of Ghazoua, opt for the road which goes towards Marrakech by turning left into the fork. After a few kilometers, take the small road marked Ida Ougourd (3.5 km on the right is Dar Floyd) and follow it to the village, the asphalted part stopping elsewhere in the village.

The road to reach Ida Ougourd meanders between valleys dotted with argan trees, hamlets where small low houses gather, generally painted in white, dry stone walls demonstrating the skill of local artisans and hills on the ground strewn with stones in the dry season or green at the end of spring. This region benefits from many springs or underground aquifers, thanks to the presence of Oued Ksob which winds in its lands. The land is also quite fertile and the inhabitants are mainly turned to agriculture and animal husbandry.

The Wednesday market at Ida Ougourd

The market (or souk) of Ida Ougourd is hung on the low hill which dominates the village, thus offering a panoramic view of the surrounding valleys. You will know that you have arrived in the village of Ida Ougourd with the concentration of donkeys who are "parked" there while waiting for their owners who have left to sell or buy the food necessary for their daily life for the coming week.

The market is also an opportunity for all the inhabitants who live in the region to meet, take news of each other, consider the marriage of the youngest or the male heir of the family, deal with business commercial or conclude the sale of a piece of land or one of the small farms dotting the countryside.

Inside the market, the various activities are grouped together, with a “district” of hairdressers, the spice sellers deploying their foodstuffs on simple tarpaulins unrolled on the ground, the “plastic” sellers whose stalls overflow with basins, buckets and utensils of all kinds.

On site, you will also find a town hall and a post office which will surprise you. But put that in perspective and tell yourself that once a week the village multiplies by 10 or 15 the number of its users ...

The old sweets

This is also the place where you will find the old sweets, of which only large walls remain and canals bringing water. Take the time to visit these vestiges of the past.
On the banks of Oued Ksob (the cane river), the Saadians had established a small town around a sugar cane press. This sugar refinery operated from 1576 to 1603 and produced mainly brown sugar, which was then used for the exchange of goods. The ruins are located near Larbaâ des Ida Ou Gourd, and are surrounded by argan forests which have gradually replaced sugar cane.

By adobe aqueducts, water was brought from the source of Arghane, used to activate the water wheel pressing the canes and was then distributed to the farmers installed on the site.

The sugar molds were produced on site and cooked in nearby ovens. We can still see the debris from these molds on the old sites.

On the death of the Saadian sultan Moulay Ahmed el Mansour in 1603, all the sugar factories were destroyed, probably following the revolts of the slaves who worked there.

Chủ nhà Yan

Đã tham gia vào tháng 3 năm 2020
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You can throughout your stay (before and after also) communicate with us by email or phone, someone on site will be there to welcome you and guide you if necessary, a gardener comes once a week and a pool specialist too ... in summary you will have nothing to do except letting go.

Speaking of letting go, Loubna offers its services for all that is local cuisine, shopping, housekeeping during your stay and others, do not hesitate to ask us we will forward it to her !
You can throughout your stay (before and after also) communicate with us by email or phone, someone on site will be there to welcome you and guide you if necessary, a gardener come…
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