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Nhà thờ
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“Incredible building, beutiful grounds: Glencairn, built between 1928 and 1939 in Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania, was once the home of Raymond and Mildred (Glenn) Pitcairn and their children. The building now serves as a museum of religious art and history. Glencairn Museum invites a diverse audience to engage with religious beliefs and practices, past and present, by exploring art, artifacts, and other cultural expressions of faith. By appealing to our common human endeavor to find meaning and purpose in our lives, we hope to foster empathy and build understanding among people of all beliefs, leading to positive social change through tolerance, compassion, and kindness. Collections include ancient”
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“Rails to Trails,: Almost 11 miles of trails in the Preserve open free to the public to explore and enjoy the natural world all year long”
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College Hockey Rink
“The James F. Jungé Ice Rink and Pavilion provides facilities for ice-skating during the winter season and an athletic arena and events facility during the remainder of the year. The facility serves the ANC Secondary Schools and Bryn Athyn College, as home to their competitive ice hockey teams.”
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College Theater
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Di tích lịch sử
“Event Venue: For over a century, Cairnwood has been hosting wedding receptions within its halls. The tradition began with John and Gertrude Pitcairn opening their home for a marriage celebration in 1896. Today, the Estate is available for sit-down dinners with 200 guests or an opulent stations-style event for up to 275. The graciousness of the Estate provides a setting that departs from the ordinary with endless indoor and outdoor possibilities. The distinguished architecture, terraces, grand staircase, balconies, and flowering gardens inspire couples to welcome guests into their own spacious mansion for a unique and memorable celebration.”
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“The Bryn Athyn Historic District includes three family residences—father John Pitcairn’s Beaux-Arts mansion, Cairnwood, and sons Harold and Raymond’s residences, Cairncrest and Glencairn, respectively—and the renowned Bryn Athyn Cathedral. All were constructed between 1892 and 1938. The Bryn Athyn Historic District was designated as a National Historic Landmark on October 6, 2008.”
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High School
“ANCSS: Our students are leaders, thinkers, and hard workers. They go on to study at some of the best colleges and universities in the nation, and are known for their thoughtfulness, their diligence, and their bright attitudes in all they do.”
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Đại học & Cao đẳng tổng hợp
“BAC: Our mission is to enhance students’ civil, moral, and spiritual lives, as well as to contribute to human spiritual welfare. To this end, we offer a liberal arts education founded on strong spiritual principles. At Bryn Athyn we think a lot about purpose–about what you can bring to the table and offer others. In this way a Bryn Athyn College education isn’t just about you. It’s about your potential to make an impact on others. Bryn Athyn College encourages you to define your goals, discover your passions, and live your life with conviction because as you develop your own amazing potential you will make an important difference to those around you.”
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