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“The central square of Coyoacán. Don't miss the unforgettable food (from very cheap to very expensive) and people-watching. ”
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Công viên
“A public square, very popular walking place during the weekends, surrounded by restaurants and bars. During the celebrations of the Independence Day held the night of September 15th, it is overcrowded.”
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“It's the main attractive of Coyoacán, it's historical center. It consists mainly of two beautiful gardens: the Hidalgo Garden and Centenario Garden, has been for many years a meeting place and home for artists, philosophers, writers and political figures. It's streets are full of historical buildings, local businesses, boutiques, restaurants and bars. The local market is legendary, full of Mexican delights and handicrafts. You'll enjoy walking around Coyoacan's streets while eating churros con chocolate.”
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“ es un parque hermoso lleno de cultura , es donde nació y vivió frida khalo , podras encontrar basares , restaurantes , arte , musica , es muy seguro y es un pueblo colonial y un lugar obligado para visitar que esta a menos de 15 minutos de el depa ”
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“Debes visitar el centro de Coyoacán, quinientos años de historia lo respaldan...”
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