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“Puerto Jimenez is often called the gateway to Corcovado National Park. The park is located in Carate, 40 km from PJ.”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“Whatever you might need. Puerto Jimenez is a 21-25 minute drive from Casa Kumbaya. Because of this we recommend you plan ahead and bring with you whatever you might need for your stay.”
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“Increíble servicio, conocimiento y pasión por lo que hacen, es el lugar ideal para conocer el Golfo Dulce. ”
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Bus Station
“The Empresarios Unidos De Puntarenas SA Public Transporation Buses are located all over the country of Costa Rica. There is a bus terminal in Esparza, Puntarenas, as well as nearby neighboring towns. There are also car rentals, private buses, and public & private taxis!”
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Nhà hàng Nam Mỹ
“On main street. Tourist, local place with wifi. Local tipico food. Breakfast, lunch. Simple fare but fresh. ”
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Công viên
“Osa Interactive Gardens is the reserve our cabin is on. They offer a tour of the butterfly project, night walk, and botany classes by request.”
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IT Services
“Office for EVERYTHING touristy. Booker of all tours. Bilingual. Office home base for town. Booker of all flights, cars, guides. Recommended. On main street. ”
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Quán cà phê
Travel Agency
“If you enjoy a bottle of wine, probably better to get two bottles instead.. It is a lot easier than going back to town. In general we recommend to always buy a little extra of whatever you are stocking up on. Once you are out here you probably will not want to leave.”
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“Puerto Jimenez is where you land and the only city on the Osa Peninsula. Located along waterfront, you'll find all the amenities including restaurant and shops. ”
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“I recommended to change dollar for colones at the bank, bring your passport.”
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“Une petite ville ou on trouve de tout; banque, clinique, restos, épicerie, boutique cellulaire”
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