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Natural Feature
“Porto Pino beach (Usually called 'Prima Spiaggia') is the most famous beach of the area. Unfortunately everyone knows that and in August in excess of 10K people can be there. There are few areas with sunbeds and chairs available for rent as well as kiosks offering food and drinks on the beach. The beach is sheltered when 'Mistral' is blowing, but it is very exposed to the easterly winds. In Winter/Spring/Autumn it is recommended for kitesurf and windsurf. And when 'Libeccio' is blowing from south west, that's the place to be for surfing 2 metres waves. Please send me a message if You need further information about best surfing spots in the area. ”
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“You have to look up Portopino sand dunes! It's a place where you spend the whole day: on the long white beach you can find bars, restaurants, umbrellas and beds to relax ”
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Công viên
“Candiani area offers a variety of walking tracks immersed in the pine forest. World War II trenches and underground bunkers can still be visited (Torch and care is recommended). The spot is highly recommended for snorkeling. The cave "Grotta dei Baci' can be accessed from there. It is sheltered when the 'Mistral' is blowing (North-West wind). There is not a beach but a small area with pebbles in between rocks can allow laying out very close to the water. ”
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Nhà hàng
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Nhà hàng Hải sản
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Câu lạc bộ đêm
Point of Interest
“Noleggio Gommoni senza patente nautica, escursioni in barca e noleggio bici. Vai alla scoperta delle meraviglie nascoste della nostra costa raggiungibili solo per mare. Spiagge bianche incantate e un mare cristallino faranno da cornice alla tua avventura! Da non perdere ;-)”
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“Proseguendo su Via del Porticciolo si giunge ad un grande parcheggio dove potete trovare il capolinea degli autobus”
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Bus Station
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Bãi đỗ xe
“E' la prima spiaggia che si incontra dal parcheggio di Porto Pino, dista 1.200 metri dalla casa. E' una spiaggia di sabbia finissima dove si trovano alcuni stabilimenti balneari ma anche tratti liberi ”
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