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Nhà hàng Cajun/Creole

Le Bistro Montage

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Le Bistro Montage, one of Portland's quirkiest Restaurants serves up Cajun inspired dishes late night with an old school Portland vibe.
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October 30, 2019
Delicious Mac & cheese- and they foil your leftovers into ‘foil animals’
June 19, 2019
The BEST Jambalaya ever!! Even my New Orleans native husband can't get enough!
November 13, 2019
Awesome ambiance good food.
June 2, 2019
If you're out late this is for sure a good place to go to. They close around 4am. I love the spold mac with chicken and shrimp.
Jarred And Emily
Jarred And Emily
December 24, 2019
Big portions and comfort food cuisine but cool and they fold your leftover food into tin foil art!
July 8, 2019
Fun restaurant with lots of spins on the classic macaroni and cheese.
Greg And Jen
Greg And Jen
May 4, 2016
La Merde is the classic PDX cheap swank cocktail lounge, attached to the Bistro Montage, a Portland iconic eatery combining French bistro atmosphere (read: white tablecloths, candles, waiters with tons of tattoos) with Cajon food- alligator, oyster shooters,red beans and rice, chocolate molten cake…

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Bít tết
“Fantastic happy hour on the 30th floor of a high rise. Piano entertainment, gorgeous panoramic views, classy crowd ”
  • 160 người địa phương đề xuất
Nhà hàng
“Local fave for Middle-eastern grub in an unpretentious environment. Small but oh-so-good!”
  • 38 người địa phương đề xuất
Meal Takeaway
“Hey, it happens. This is the only remaining location on the westside of Portland before you get to the suburbs.”
  • 2 người địa phương đề xuất
Nhà hàng Mỹ
“On the east side. It has a great view of the city, and half the seating is on a roof patio, great during nice weather.”
  • 46 người địa phương đề xuất
Nhà hàng
“Awesome tacos and whatever other specials they have on the menu. Located right next to plenty of bars.”
  • 17 người địa phương đề xuất
Vị trí
301 Southeast Morrison Street
Portland, OR 97214
Số điện thoại+1 503-234-1324
Trạng thái thời gian hoạt độngĐang đóng cửa · Mở cửa vào lúc Monday 5:00 PM
Phục vụ các loại bữa ăn sauBữa sáng muộn, bữa tối
Đặt phòng
Thẻ tín dụng
Yes (incl. Visa & MasterCard)
Chỗ ngồi ngoài trời
Bữa sáng muộn, bữa tối
Đồ uống
Rượu vang, quán bar phục vụ đầy đủ, cocktail
Lựa chọn về ăn uống
Mua mang đi, không có dịch vụ giao đồ ăn
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