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Roy Street Coffee & Tea

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September 14, 2018
My favorite coffee spot. They offer great food, wine, beer, and of course delicious coffee and tea. Might be hard to notice, but it's actually a Starbucks Co. concept.
August 17, 2018
The test location for starbuck's brand "local" coffee shop. It's starbucks, but not
June 3, 2018
This is called "Roy Street Coffee & Tea" but it's actually a super fancy secret Starbucks!
June 23, 2018
Upscale coffee house. It is actually a Starbucks, but you would never know, unless you read the small print. Nicest coffe place within a 5-minute walk.
Yifan & Geoff
Yifan & Geoff
April 13, 2018
It's a secret Starbucks test cafe that serves top notch new creations at reasonable prices. The ambience is great for work, reading, or a long conversation.

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“10min walk to some great donuts and coffee. Staff are always nice and friendly.”
  • 38 người địa phương đề xuất
Quán cà phê
“Really fabulous coffee. Take a picture at Starbucks but drink coffee here. Across the street from REI.”
  • 72 người địa phương đề xuất
Men's Store
  • 4 người địa phương đề xuất
Quán cà phê
“Always good vibes and coffee at Joe Bar. Love to work in there on a rainy day.”
  • 35 người địa phương đề xuất
Nhà hàng Mỹ
“This small restaurant may require a reservation but it's perfect for a date night if you want something a little higher-end. Incredible dishes and a great cocktail list, you'll fall in love with this place! Rory, the owner, is amazing and keeps the menu updated seasonally. He also co-owns Re:public in SLU!”
  • 23 người địa phương đề xuất
Vị trí
700 Broadway Ave E
Seattle, Washington 98102
Số điện thoại+1 206-325-2211
Trạng thái thời gian hoạt độngĐang đóng cửa · Mở cửa vào lúc Tuesday 6:30 AM
Thẻ tín dụng
Yes (incl. American Express)
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Đồ uống
Beer, rượu vang
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