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North Beach

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Đặc điểm:
Yên lặng · Lãng mạn · Phong cách Bohemian
Nổi tiếng vì:
Pizza · Hiệu sách · Lượt xem

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Jayle & Greg
Jayle & Greg
December 4, 2019
One of the best areas of San Francisco to explore and eat! The original Italian neighborhood filled with cafes, specialty shops and historic culture. This a great area to walk and explore with to many to list places to see. I recommend Molinari on Columbus for large selection of Italian food…
Andrew & Kirsten
Andrew & Kirsten
January 9, 2020
North Beach, a buzzy neighborhood steeped in Italian heritage, draws locals and tourists to its checked-tablecloth trattorias, coffee shops and retro-flavored bars. The spirit of the Beat Generation can be felt at the storied City Lights bookstore and the memorabilia-filled Vesuvio Cafe bar. In…
February 1, 2020
North Beach is San Francisco's Little Italy, with dozens of delicious Italian restaurants, cafes, live music on weekends and a nice park.
January 6, 2020
Explore the quaint side streets of the Barbary Coast (including the crookedest street in the world) and North Beach's many Italian restaurants and unusual clubs, bars, shops, and galleries. Catch a ferry to Alcatraz or walk up to Coit Tower for spectacular views of the city day or night.
January 20, 2020
Classic Italian food to be found here!

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