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People's Palace

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Anne And Gordon
Anne And Gordon
March 15, 2020
On Glasgow green beside the River Clyde, museum with a focus on Glasgow history and people
October 20, 2019
Great insight into life in Scotland in times gone by. Visit Glasgow
Alex E
Alex E
July 30, 2019
The People’s Palace is set in historic Glasgow Green and tells the story of Glasgow and its people from 1750 to the present day.
April 21, 2019
Glasgow Green Park and Gardens.
March 21, 2019
Tells the story of Glasgow and its people. Well worth a visit!

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“Great collection of modern art and also Scottish contemporary art. Find local artists and browse artworks for sale. Galleries in Glasgow are FREE ENTRY. ”
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“A gem of a an Art Gallery with world famous paintings by the Great Masters of the Impressionist era as well as some uniquely GLASGOW artifacts. You will not be disappointed. Be sure to arrive at least two hours before closing time at 5.00 pm and the best thing, it’s free!”
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Nhà thờ
“This cathedral is Glasgow’s most significant historic building, also known as St. Mungo Cathedral or high kirk of Glasgow. The grandest room in the cathedral is the crypt housing, the tomb of St. Mungo who was buried there in AD 603. Next door is the St. Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art, which examines the world religions, their rites and how they dealt with issues of life and death. The exhibits include Egyptian mummies, Hindu statues and a Xen Buddhist garden in the courtyard Location- castle street ”
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“Its by far the oldest of the city’s parks and is an easy walk from the city centre. one of the parks main attractions is the people palace, a museum that tells the story of Glasgow from 1750 through the 20th century. It contains a display dedicated to remembering the dance hall at the Glasgow Barrow lands Ballroom”
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“Historic cemetary with great views overlooking Glasgow Cathedral and St Mungo's Museum”
  • 94 người địa phương đề xuất
Vị trí
Scotland, G40 1AT
Số điện thoại+44 141 276 0788
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