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Quán rượu vang

Stage Wine Bar

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December 19, 2019
Great ambiance; you'll find most locals here as they don't do much advertising. Excellent spot for a casual drink and a bite of food.
October 10, 2019
My favourite date-night location. Wonderful ambiance with exposed brick, candlelight, wonderful service and excellent food and drink.
July 15, 2019
Snug, chic haunt pairing regional & international wines with eclectic tapas, including charcuterie.
June 18, 2019
Amazing small plates, great wine and cocktail list and cosmopolitan atmosphere make this a great date night destination.
May 22, 2019
Oh my goodness, this tapas bar is fantastic! Great cocktails, mouth watering dishes, good music, nice ambiance. The brussels sprouts are my fave, but all of the food is excellent.

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Rạp hát
“The celebrated Belfry Theatre showcases contemporary plays in its lovely former-church-building venue”
  • 38 người địa phương đề xuất
Quán rượu phục vụ đồ ăn
“This is a favourite neighbourhood pub that is family friendly. Don't hesitate to sit outside on the patio during the summer. They have friendly staff and delicious food and its located in the quaint Fernwood Square. About a 20 minute walk away.”
  • 57 người địa phương đề xuất
Quán cà phê
“If you like to check out cool places, Fernwood Coffee is a good place to start. They are located in the slowly gentrifying Fernwood area, full of character homes and artsy spots. Their coffee is exceptionally good and it’s lovely to walk around in the neighborhood after which some great coffee. They also have their café called the Parsonage, which has yummy baked goods and sandwiches. ”
  • 8 người địa phương đề xuất
Quán bar
“close and convenient, but a bit of an up charge. Ok selection, a bit of everything: wine, beer, liquor, champagne. good in a pinch, but i would suggest CASCADIA, if stocking up. (refer to guidebook)”
  • 3 người địa phương đề xuất
Nhà hàng
“Great food - my sister's favourite restaurant in the heart of Fernwood - funky/bohemian.”
  • 7 người địa phương đề xuất
Vị trí
1307 Gladstone Ave
Victoria, BC V8R 1R9
Số điện thoại+1 250-388-4222
Trạng thái thời gian hoạt độngĐang đóng cửa · Mở cửa vào lúc 5:00 PM
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Đồ uống
Rượu vang, quán bar phục vụ đầy đủ, cocktail
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