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Mike's Pastry

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July 2, 2019
The first thing you need to decide about your time in Boston is whether you're more of a Mike's or a Modern person. The good natured rivalry between these North End favorites has waged for over 70 years.
August 27, 2019
Folks from all over know if you want the best cannoli, you got to go to Mikes! A local favorite for over 60 years. Enjoy strolling through Little Italy and enjoy some sweet treats.
Maria & Kevin
Maria & Kevin
July 28, 2019
The best cannoli you will ever have!!
August 7, 2019
Dessert!! The lines could be long. Everyone goes. Probably one of the most popular places in Boston
July 20, 2019
Of course you need to see Mike's Pastry.... However, the best pastries are a bit down the street ;)
August 22, 2019
Founded in 1946, Mike’s Pastry is located in Boston’s historic North End on Hanover Street. This place created the one-of-a-kind cannoli that keeps loyal Bostonians and tourists coming from around the world to enjoy. Going to Mike’s has become a Boston tradition when in town whether visiting family,…

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“Amazing! The oldest WWII war food public gardens in the USA. Now residents of Boston can use them for plant or food gardening.”
  • 7 người địa phương đề xuất
Quán rượu phục vụ đồ ăn
“Hip, loud, and fantastic restaurant. High end burgers and cocktails. Call ahead for a reservation. ”
  • 10 người địa phương đề xuất
Di tích lịch sử
“Great shopping and food places. A must visit for a new visitor to Boston. A short train ride away it's worth it and very close to the historic site in Boston too.”
  • 193 người địa phương đề xuất
“Great aquarium - medium sized, often very busy but well laid out and worth a visit. Tip - pay for your ticket online/on your phone before you go and skip the line!”
  • 106 người địa phương đề xuất
Nhà hàng Trung Quốc
“Super yummy Chinese food from the same chef who made Flour. Both brunch and dinner are a great bet!”
  • 31 người địa phương đề xuất
Vị trí
300 Hanover Street
Boston, MA 02113
Số điện thoại+1 617-742-3050
Trạng thái thời gian hoạt độngĐang đóng cửa · Mở cửa vào lúc 8:00 AM
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