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The Ugly Bunny Guest House
Toàn bộ phòng dành riêng cho khách · 4 khách · 2 giường · 1 phòng tắm

The Ugly Bunny Guest HouseThe Ugly Bunny Guest House is a one bedroom fully contained suite located on the lower level of our mountain home. The suite includes a kitchenette with fridge, microwave, induction hot plate, toaster, kettle and coffee maker. There is a separate bedroom with a king sized bed, the living room has a queen sized pull out and there is also a washer/dryer in the unit. The living room is large and inviting with a wood burning Rundle stone fireplace and upright piano.

Buồng ngủ Bampton
Nhà nhỏ · 2 khách · 1 giường · 1 phòng tắm

Buồng ngủ BamptonChào mừng đến với Bampton Cabin! cabin riêng kiểu tầng lửng hoàn toàn mới này là nơi nghỉ ngơi hoàn hảo cho một kỳ nghỉ trên núi tại Công viên Quốc gia Banff. Vị trí thuận tiện, Bampton Cabin thực sự cách xa mọi thứ Banff cung cấp - bạn có thể đậu xe tại điểm đỗ xe riêng ngoài đường phố và không bao giờ phải xử lý việc lái xe/đỗ xe trong suốt thời gian bạn ở đây!

Giường và Bữa sáng Cao bồi Gốc của Banff
Toàn bộ căn hộ cho thuê · 2 khách · 2 giường · 1 phòng tắm

Giường và Bữa sáng Cao bồi Gốc của BanffCăn hộ riêng đẹp với tầm nhìn tuyệt vời! Đi bộ dễ dàng và dễ dàng để đi xe buýt hoặc đi bộ xuống thành phố! Căn hộ thân thiện với gia đình hoặc nơi nghỉ ngơi riêng cho các cặp đôi. Chúng tôi là những người dân địa phương rất năng động có thể giúp đỡ với các hoạt động ngoài trời và các điểm nóng yêu thích của địa phương. Chúng tôi cung cấp bữa sáng kiểu lục địa và bạn cũng có thể nấu ăn trong căn hộ.

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Nhà nghỉ dưỡng cho thuê tuyệt vời khác ở Banff

  1. Toàn bộ cabin
  2. Banff
Bear Cabin
  1. Toàn bộ phòng dành riêng cho khách
  2. Banff
Cougar Street Mountain Rental Two Bedroom
  1. Toàn bộ cabin
  2. Banff
Fox Cabin
  1. Toàn bộ phòng dành riêng cho khách
  2. Banff
Cougar Street Mountain Rental One Bedroom
  1. Toàn bộ phòng dành riêng cho khách
  2. Banff
Phòng tầng có kèm giường tầng và bữa sáng
  1. Phòng riêng
  2. Banff
Lối thoát Mountain View - Đóng cửa đến trung tâm thành phố
  1. Toàn bộ nhà khách
  2. Banff
Rundle View House BnB - Nhà xe tư nhân
  1. Toàn bộ phòng dành riêng cho khách
  2. Banff
Downtown Banff! 2 bdrm suite 118 Beaver St. B&B
  1. Toàn bộ căn hộ cho thuê
  2. Banff
Spacious, Private Suite, Heart of Banff
  1. Toàn bộ căn hộ cho thuê
  2. Banff
Wolf Den Bed and Breakfast Suite 2
  1. Toàn bộ nhà ở
  2. Banff
Nhà Banff 2 phòng ngủ có bồn tắm nước nóng riêng
  1. Toàn bộ căn hộ (chung cư) cao cấp
  2. Banff
Banff Rocky Mountain Resort 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom

Những hoạt động hàng đầu nên trải nghiệm tại Banff

Những hoạt động độc đáo do các chuyên gia địa phương tổ chức, đã được thẩm định về chất lượng

  • Scenic Mountain Portrait Experience
    We'll meet on the Minnewanka Loop in Banff National Park, and introduce ourselves. I send you a map the day before we meet up so we can find each other. You should be prepared for walking, so if your favourite shoes for photos are dainty, bring something sturdy and comfortable along. This is a gorgeous, versatile area with lovely views in all directions. Together, we will create beautiful images of you in our magnificent surroundings. There will be some easy trail walking and playful photos. Conditions (wind, rain, light direction) on our day will determine how our time will be used. During summer months when the road is open, we can go to a historic spot that has many physical remnants of the coal mining history in Banff. You will be encouraged to explore your sides, silly and serious. Bask in the breathtaking vista while you star in your very own photo shoot designed to be both relaxing and fun. You will receive medium sized, printable, shareable image files of our best 20-30 photos in 7-10 days. *Note: This experience is not necessarily private, but is likely to be. The number of guests on this experience is set for 8 so that families can sign up. It's also ideal for individuals, and couples. Please consider choosing the private option for your booking. *Not for weddings or commercial photography*
    Từ Giá:₫3.955.781/người
  • Explore the Canadian Rockies Photo Tour
    Our day trip will take you on a special journey; we’re going to have fun, learn new photography skills, walk in the wild, and I will show you my favourite parts of the Banff National Park. I’ll pick you up from Canmore or Banff at a stop convenient to you, then we head for the sunrise in the mountains! After chasing the morning light, we can stop for breakfast. In Banff National Park we’ll shoot giant peaks, turquoise lakes and rivers, and watch for elk and bears. We might explore a few mellow trails (I’ll cater length and level of activity to the desires of the group). A well-deserved lunch stop comes next during which we can edit photos you've taken that morning. I can share some editing tips & tricks to make your photos stand out. In the afternoon, we’ll explore the stunning area around Lake Louise or Yoho NP before I’ll return you to your place in Banff or Canmore. No matter your skill or gear, I can show you how to use your camera/phone, compose photos and work with light. If you're at a stage that you just want to be left alone to catch those fleeting moments or enjoy a quiet time, that’s perfect as well. I’m always here if you want a quick point to some good spots or angles. Dress well - layering is the key even in summer. You don't need to be an experienced hiker since all the spots are within a short walk. If a date you wish is unavailable, send me a message.
    Từ Giá:₫9.350.027/người
  • Discover Banff National Park Day Trip
    Your adventure starts the minute I pick you at your front door starting from 8:30AM in Downtown Calgary or in Canmore from 10:00AM. Get ready for a day filled with awes and ahs! Not only are we going to cover all the main sites including Canmore, Banff, Lake Minnewanka and Lake Louise but in addition you will visit many great hidden spots that avoid crowds and give million dollar views!!! We'll figure out the group's dynamic of who wants to do what or where, so we can get it done! If you like to hike, stroll along one of the beautiful lakes, sit down and relax, take postcard worthy pictures, look for wild life or do it all; it's possible! I will adapt and adjust our stops according to traffic, weather, and mostly to your wants. This experience is about wowing you all day! And if you like; I'll be your personal photographer for the day!!! We'll have lunch at around 12:30 and will have a few coffee or pit stops in between Banff and Lake Louise. We will visit many scenic points throughout the day but will arrive at Lake Louise close to 5PM. You will take home unforgettable memories. Make sure to charge your phones and cameras as the average person goes home with more than 100 photos! This experience last between 8 to 10 hours depending where you are picked up and dropped off. My goal is to make sure you get the best tour of your life, so let's beam you up! Other things to note Skill level is set to beginner but if you like to raise the bar is also possible. Weather can change, bring extra layers in case you get cold. Make sure your camera, phone or any other device are fully charged or bring a charger with you. The vehicle has a charging station.
    Từ Giá:₫2.966.836/người
  • Wilderness and Wildlife - Hiking Tour
    This 3 hour walk bring the story of the landscape, plants, wildlife, and birds to life. Learn about local wildlife, survival tips, basic bush craft, and other fun facts. Don't forget to bring your camera! The tour stops frequently to enjoy the sights and sounds of Canmore's most picturesque scenery.
    Từ Giá:₫1.168.754/người
  • Discover Hiking in Banff National Park
    Your professionally guided hiking adventure will begin at at a convenient location in Banff where we will review our plan for the day and sign the liability waiver. From there, we will drive approximately 1 hour to the trailhead. We will set off on our adventure at a comfortable/relaxed pace, hike for a 1-2 hours, with breaks for water or a snack and then stop for lunch at a meadow full of beautiful wildflowers, a mountain ridge with an awe-inspiring view, or at a majestic alpine lake. On this trip, there will be plenty of time to relax, take photos and explore the area. As a certified interpretive guide, I will teach you about the natural and cultural history of the area, as well as the local flora and fauna. When we are ready, we will make our way back to the trailhead and then back to Banff. The trail will range from between 5 - 10 km (3 - 6 miles) with an approximate elevation gain of 300 - 500 meters (1000 - 1600 feet). This unique adventure will leave you wanting more. **Please note that I list multiple experiences and this is an issue with the AirBnB calendar (booking) system. PLEASE contact me if a date is unavailable and I will check my availability.
    Từ Giá:₫4.944.726/người

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