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Nhà nghỉ dưỡng cho thuê tại Czechia

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Nhà nghỉ dưỡng cho thuê được xếp hạng cao nhất tại Czechia

Khách đồng ý: những chỗ ở này được đánh giá cao về vị trí, mức độ sạch sẽ và nhiều tiêu chí khác.

Nhà nghỉ dưỡng bằng gỗ MẶT TRỜI MỌC
Toàn bộ cabin · 4 khách · 3 giường · 1 phòng tắm

Nhà nghỉ dưỡng bằng gỗ MẶT TRỜI MỌCThe newly built and refurbished wooden cottage offers a spacious patio which you can use in every weather possible. Inside you will find a fully equipped kitchen. The cottage is equipped with a bathroom which contains a spacious shower area. The top floor is intended for sleeping. It is equipped with high-quality mattresses, bedding and bedlinen. There is 1 double bed 180 x 200 cm and 2 single bed 80 x 200 cm.

Buồng hướng ra mặt nước
Toàn bộ cabin · 7 khách · 4 giường · 1 phòng tắm

Buồng hướng ra mặt nướcNhà nghỉ thôn dã ngay cạnh ao với một khu vườn rộng lớn để vui chơi tuyệt vời... bơi lội trong ao, đi thuyền, nghỉ ngơi trên bến tàu, ghim vườn, cây cảnh, cầu lông, lưới bóng đá, ván cờ. Nhà nghỉ thôn dã có một lò nướng lớn với thịt nướng, có khả năng nướng ngay bên cạnh nước. Trên khu đất có một ngôi nhà khác, đóng vai trò là một nhà kho. Từ chối quyền truy cập vào tòa nhà này. Không được phép đánh bắt cá trong các ao liền kề. Đến nơi khoảng 15h. chiều Khởi hành khoảng 11h sáng.

Chata TRÆ
Toàn bộ nhà ở · 4 khách · 2 giường · 1 phòng tắm

Chata TRÆSeverská chata v Jižních Čechách ?! ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

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Nhà nghỉ dưỡng cho thuê tuyệt vời khác ở Czechia

  1. Toàn bộ nhà ở
  2. Černá v Pošumaví
Nhà nghỉ dưỡng - Bãi biển Windy Point
  1. Xe cắm trại/RV
  2. Želiv
Maringotka v háji, březovém!
  1. Toàn bộ nhà khách
  2. Lišov
Osobitý apartmán v soukromí
  1. Toàn bộ nhà ở
  2. Dubá
Căn hộ cuối tuần Mácha Kokořínsko
  1. Toàn bộ nhà gỗ chalet
  2. Černá Voda
Chalupa v Černé vodě/Apartmán/Rychlebské stezky
  1. Nhà nhỏ
  2. Křižany
  1. Xe cắm trại/RV
  2. Libkov
Maringotka v sadu
  1. Toàn bộ nhà gỗ chalet
  2. Stružinec
Nhà nghỉ thôn dã đẹp ở Podkrkonoší, Stružinec
  1. Nhà nhỏ
  2. Úherčice
U dubu
  1. Nhà nhỏ
  2. Bystrá
nhà máy rơm rạ
  1. Toàn bộ cabin
  2. Želešice
Cabin đẹp ở phía nam Brno
  1. Nhà nông trại
  2. Ktiš
Cung điện Sư tử

Những hoạt động hàng đầu nên trải nghiệm tại Czechia

Unique activities hosted by local experts vetted for quality

  • Paddle-boarding in the center
    We will meet up at my Paddle station close to the center. I will teach you a bit about balance, and everything you need to know for your good ride along the Vltava river! Our tour begins in front of Vyšehrad (upper castle), and then we will paddle toward the city center, where we will enjoy the magnificent panorama of Prague Castle and the many bridges. Along the way, I will point out important points of interest and tell you some fun facts about their history. I will share some tales that will help you to understand this city and its river. Seeing the city from such a unique vantage point, with me as your River Ambassador will be the highlight of your time in Prague. What this experience will bring you: - You will learn How to SUP, or you'll improve your skills in it - You will be introduced to the city by a local historian - Digitally captured memories (Photos) - Get some tips from me to go to eat, drink or whatever you like “Prague without the Vltava River would be like an orchestra without its conductor.” Feel free to send me a note if you have any questions or need advice on your Prague visit! P.S. More photos from the tours here ↓
    Từ Giá:₫855.645/người
  • Follow a Plague Doctor Through Prague
    +++We offer a version for team building and company events up to 500 people+++Private Tours in German and Czech upon request+++ Step back into time and virtually experience the empty streets of Prague during the Black Death and plagues of the 17th and 18th centuries. Through video, we'll follow the footsteps of Dr. Alexander Schamsky, an unknown Czech hero who fought the plague in 1713. From the “personal protective equipment” of the time to the deserted landmarks of the city, you’ll immerse yourself in the forgotten history of the pneumonic and bubonic plagues. Our recorded video has no audio as we comment everything live we see. The movie was shot with a professional camera during times of quarantine and shows the abandoned old town. One of our 3 Plague Doctors will take you on the journey to visit the famous Charles Bridge, walk around the Old Town Square, and go into the Jewish Quarter, discovering hidden gems in the dark streets. We´ll stop by the old St. Francis hospital and conclude the tour at the convent of St. Agnes. So, not only will you traverse time, but you’ll also get the sense of travel—all from the comfort of your home. Planning a spooky Halloween event? We offer a special Halloween version for private events. Our in-person experience live in the city: One ticket is for one device.
    Từ Giá:₫427.823/người
  • The Art of Falconry and Bird Rescue ✨
    ☝ Winner of the best "Insider Access" experience in Prague in 2019 ☝ You will first get familiar with all our birds, and the way our breeding station operates to save various endangered species. Then, you will participate in feeding the birds of prey, including our bald eagle Helen, vulture Omar, pair of Harris hawks and a few others. They will fly just above your heads, and they will land (should you dare to try it!) on your arm protected by a special glove. We will finish off by showcasing the training of the fastest bird of prey on the planet, our falcon Gulliver. This is a hands-on experience, quite literally! Other things to note This is and all-weather event. Even though this is mainly outdoor activity, there is a garden house providing cover from an incidental rain from which you can still fully participate in the whole event. We also have umbrellas and blankets for everybody.
    Từ Giá:₫1.016.078/người
  • ️See colorful Prague with a fun local
    Discover fabulous Prague with a fun, passionate local. I'll take you on an exploration of Old Town, New Town, and everything in-between! Plus, I’ll give you an insight into local Czech culture as we walk through the city’s most beautiful sights... From Stare Mesto—or the old city—to Josefov—the preserved part of the former Jewish city (synagogues and old Jewish cemetery) and to Lesser town with cobble streets,small windows and white chimneys —join me on an incredible walking exploration through Prague's rich history and new world. Other sights we’ll check out: Rudolfinum, John Lennon Wall, David Cerny statues of 2 man peeing and ginormous babies, Franz Kafka museum , Prague smallest and tiniest street, Gingerbread house - Instagram Alert get a beautiful pictures and view of Charles Bridge. We will finish at Kampa park with view of the National theater. On this tour, you’ll hear stories from someone who's seen both sides of this magical city - and get a unique take on fabulous Prague. Join me! Other things to note Comfortable shoes and water is a great idea. Bring a camera because we'll be taking lots of gorgeous pictures. I'll have sun lotion for you to use.Kids ages 0-10 are free of charge. If my tour is closed for your day please email me I do open tours time to time.
    Từ Giá:₫534.778/người
  • Czech Horseshoe bend
    Join me on a walking trip to viewpoint Maj - Czech Horseshoe bend, just outside of Prague. One of the most beautiful place in Czech Republic. We will start from Prague - tram station Krymska. I'll pick you up with my car and then we'll head to viewpoint Maj. We will take pictures, enjoy the view. Bring your camera or smartphone and let's have some fun.
    Từ Giá:₫1.807.549/người